Elozonam saving Venita yesterday seemed to have brought up some mixed feelings within Diane who is quite close to him and also up for eviction.

Even though Elozonam explained that he saved Venita because they are both new members, many believe he did not save Diane whom he is quite close to because she also did not save him when she was the Veto Power Holder the week before.

Diane while speaking with Esther said she saw it coming that Elozonam wouldn’t save her and in her defence, she’s just glad she didn’t have anything intimate with him during the truth and dare sessions.

Diane eventually had the dreaded conversation with Elozonam and this is what she said;

“I saw it coming that you weren’t going to Save me,” she told him while they were in the Garden. “What’s the difference between my action and the one you made last week?” he replied.

After the conversation both housemates came to a resolution with Diane claiming she was not offended.

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