Diane pulled a fast one on her fellow housemates today when she stole red box in a prank against Ike who was in charge of taking care of the box.

The red box which is the last puzzle to the Ultimate Veto Power, is of very great importance as Biggie has stressed to the housemates that there will be severe punishments if the box ever goes missing. The housemates decided an individual was going to be in charge of looking after it daily for it to be safe and yesterday turned out to be Ike’s turn.

Ike at some point of the day asked to help Mercy out in the kitchen but that seemed to be his downfall as an innocent looking Diane came into the kitchen to ask him about the red box. This prompted accusations thrown at Diane who innocently denied that she had anything to do with the box.

The three housemates searched the house before Ike revealed to other housemates that the box was missing. Again Seyi and Cindy questioned Diane who seemed to be the only suspect but that yielded no fruit as she denied stealing the box.

Diane however eventually released the box from the HoH room when she ran and placed it in the dressing area, a move that shocked Cindy, Seyi and Ike. All is well however as her friendship with Ike and Mercy helped lessen any tension.

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