The relationship between Diane and Elozonam has been an uncertain ship. Are they or are they not? That’s the question on the lips of viewers and fellow housemates. Even Elo is not sure of his relationship with Diane.

Elozonam recently complained about the mixed signals that Diane has been giving him with the most part being that he should keep to himself. Mercy told him to tell Diane straight up that he likes her, wants to date her and ask if she is in a relationship. Elozonam however replied saying “right now, Diane doesn’t want to talk to me and it’s fine, she doesn’t like me as much as people think she does.”

Elozonam finally had his chat with Diane in which his assumption about his relationship with Diane was proven correct. Elozonam apologized to Diane for misunderstanding her. Diane also apologized to Elozonam for making him feel everything about her was monetized. At the end of it all nothing inconclusive happened which strengthens Elozonam’s narrative.

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