Housemates in a recent light hearted chat delved into the topic of Frodd’s relationship with Esther. When speaking of the first time relationships were forming in the house Frodd expressed gratitude for his relationship with Esther claiming she was the only housemate that saw him through thick and thin.

“Destiny is key,” he said, while explaining his relationship with Esther in the House. “Na we quarrel pass, na we make up pass,” he further said. This led Tacha to ask how possible it was to come out of the friend zone and also asked if that was the case between Frodd and Esther. Frodd answered, “No o, it was just God”.

Omashola however countered Frodd and broke down Frodd and Esther’s relationship. In his explanation Esther’s original interest was Nelson who was then evicted. Following his eviction and Frodd becoming Head of House, Esther gravitated towards Frodd. He went on further and added that the turning point in the relationship was Venita and Frodd’s chemistry which made Esther “Try to get her man back.” Do you think Omashola’s analysis is spot on or is he reaching too far?

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