The Friday night games have come to an end and the green team has emerged victorious. The housemates were divided into three groups which were the green, white and red team. Each group had a total of seven members each. The green team had Omashola, Seyi, Diane, Sir Dee, Kimoprah, Tuoyo and Thelma. The red team on the other hand had Isilomo, Khaffy, Tacha, Jackye, Esther, Gedoni and Nelson. While the white team had Jeff, Mike Edwards, Mercy Eke, Ike, Avala, Ella and Frodd.

The housemates partook in activities that included Tennis, basketball, Football, Rolling the ball, Golf, High Jump and Sprint. All of these were done in relay format.

The Green team came first in with a time of 1minute 17 seconds, the Red team came second with 1 minute and 51 seconds while the White team came last with 1 minute 56