The Bet9ja arena games yesterday was a super hero affair as housemates were decked in capes and had to achieve various superhuman actions to win the game. The games were in laps as usual and Ike turned out the housemate with the fastest time thereby emerging the winner.

The first set of the games involved stacking seven bolts on each other with a straw. While the second stage involved making a balloon fly. The housemates were to blow a balloon and then attach the balloon to a string with a paper tape. If done properly the balloon will release its air and this will make it fly or in this case slide to the other side of the string. The third stage involved housemates using an office chair to slide across a zig zag line while the fourth and final part involved swinging a hammer into a spider web. Easy peasy right? Unfortunately Tacha and Mercy could not complete the challenge while Elozonam, Omashola, Frodd, Diane, Mike and Seyi got an additional 30 seconds added to their time as they broke a rule of the game.

As winner Ike left the arena with 400 Bet9ja coin while Omashola who came in second place got 200 Bet9ja coins.

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