Housemates have apparently been stepping on each others toes and they are willing to share the gist with Biggie. In the recent diary session, each housemate was asked which other housemate irritates them.

Ella and Mercy told Biggie that they found Isilomo irritating. Ella believes Isilomo is aggressive when things do not go her way, Mercy was quite subtle as she said Isilomo irritated her initially but felt they are now better.

Omashola and Diane both said Tacha irritated them. Omashola in his defense said Tacha came off to him as a proud as during the launch, she said she doesn’t see other Housemates. Well, it looks like Omashola is still pained apparently. Diane mentioned Tacha because she came across as a defensive person at first but her knowing her has changed her opinion.