The Bet9ja Arena Games for this week was quite interesting as the housemates had to go through the rigorous day of a fire fighter. This they did in four stages.

The first stage involved moving a miniature fire truck through a specified course, while the second stage involved using a water hose to bring down a tower of cups. The third stage involved saving a cat from a tree and securing it safely in an animal cage, while the final stage involved the housemates solving a question.

As usual housemates were given the rules of the game with a warning of getting an extra 30 minutes added to their time should they flout the rules. After all the housemates had gone through the course of the game, everyone one of them failed the last part of the games as they all got the answer to the question wrong. The repercussion to this was that every housemate got at least 30 minutes added to their finish time. After the punishment went round, Frodd was announced the winner for the night but Biggie surprised him and everyone else that lastnight’s win came without Bet9ja coin.

Could it be because no one got the question in the games right?

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