Mercy won the Bet9jaBBN show on Sunday but the Queen of Highlights no doubt had to be intensely strategic to eventually win the game.  Let’s take a look at Mercy’s strategy shall we?

Mercy from the first week tried her possible best to forge alliances that might eventually help her in the house. At first it was with Gedoni whom many thought she was going to end up with. In fact many who did not start the show from the first week did not know that before there was Ike there was Gedoni. In as much as the relationship with Gedoni fell through the cracks, her relationship with Ike became one of the major highlights of the season. Her relationship with Diane was also a bestie goal as the two managed to weather the storm of the season down to the final week when Diane was evicted.

Another strategy Mercy used in capturing our attention was her amazing body and sense of fashion. Mercy was the most curvaceous housemate in the Pepper Dem season. Whether her derriere was real or bought from a plastic surgeon, the one thing we can all agree on was that it was the most outstanding of all the housemates and she knew this. Her fashion sense was also in tune with her body type as she peppered her fellow housemate with outfit after outfit never repeating any of her clothes. Mercy was also the unofficial Queen of Wigs as she brought an array of Wigs which she wore consistently over the course of the show.

Finally Mercy showed us she was merciless when she got her biggest competition kicked off the show. Tacha was a strong force on the show as she survived evictions week after week. Mercy who was very calculative about her actions knew when to say certain things to her fellow housemates and how to react to certain situations. So when the fight with Tacha happened it was no doubt a calculated move by Mercy who also used the opportunity to get Tacha furious and ultimately disqualified from the show.

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