In a private discussion with Ike, Mercy broke down the triangle that happened at a point between Esther, Diane and Nelson. Mercy alluded to the fact that Esther played a fast one on Diane and ultimately stole Nelson from her

In her discussion with Ike, Mercy said ;  “We were talking about who we like in the house and Diane told Esther that she likes Nelson, and the next two days she (Esther) took Nelson.” Continuing she said, “Diane told me she didn’t see Tuoyo as a boyfriend; I like Tuoyo different. I have feelings for this person (Nelson) and she made it very clear, she didn’t hide it. Then the day we had this discussion it was Esther who asked us who she (Diane) liked. She didn’t want to, but Diane just said it and the next thing you (Esther) are with this guy and we don’t even know what happened”.

In conclusion, Mercy believed Esther’s time with Nelson affected Diane badly.

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