The Big Brother Naija 2018  show was rocked with a lot of relationships. Many stood through the show and after, some ended after the show while others crashed and burned even before the show ended. However these relationships with all their drama gave the audience a whole lot to look out for daily. So without wasting your time further, here are five relationships that made #BBNaija history.

Miracle and Nina

1. Miracle And Nina

These two are fitting for the number one spot as they were the first to hook up in the house barely 3 days into the show Nina and Miracle were already stealing kisses during shower hour. Their  relationship stood strong all through in the house but failed to make when they got out. Could it have been due to the pressures of fame or Nina’s ex boyfriend scandal? We will never know. One thing we know for sure was that MINA was a delight to watch.

BamBam and Teddy A

2. BamBam And Teddy A

Not everyone saw this one coming. The good Christian girl falling in love with a bad boy was stuff of the movies. This movie script however played before our eyes as BamBam and Teddy A grew to be a power couple in the house and to chew up and spit out the stereotype, the two beat the odds and remained a couple even after leaving the house.

Lolu and Anto

3. Lolu And Anto

These were the intellectual couple of the house.Their relationship had its moments of despair in the house. However the two moved past whatever drama they were having and continued their relationship down to the end of the show. Many thought their relationship was going to be one that stood still even outside the house. However a few weeks after the show ended the two made it clear there was nothing going on between them, thereby killing hopes of a BBNaija wedding in the future.

Tobi and Ceec

4. Tobi And Ceec

The relationship of this two will go down in history as one of the most interesting in BBNaija history. The relationship did not start out two fast and even when they where in a relationship, Ceec made Tobi work for her affection.A few weeks down the line what seemed like a beautiful love story ended up being one of the most erratic and dramatic story surrounding BBNaija in the year 2018. A few weeks of cat fights and name calling saw the relationship crash even before the end of the show.

Alex and Leo

5. Leo And Alex

This was really awkward from the moment fans noticed it. It all started as a pairing but Leo decided he wanted to take things forward and forge a romantic relationship with Alex. The duo had a sort of relationship which many fans felt was holding Alex back from achieving her full potential. The relationship however fizzled out after Leo was evicted.

There you have it guys. If you had the power which of the housemates from BBNaija 2018 would you make a couple again?