We have spoken about fans of ex BBNaija housemates and how many of them have given strong support to their faves during and after the show.

However a new set of housemates are about to hit our screens later in the day. The big question here is, are fans going to remain loyal to ex housemates and support them alongside the new housemates? or are they going to forget the old housemates like stale bread and focus on the new housemates instead.

We have seen how the Spartans for example have stood with Ceec and have become a force to reckon with. BBNaija fans of Ceec and other housemates of the last season gave Nigeria its first real taste of fandom and fans who will do almost anything for whoever they support.

So if there is another lady in the house much more fierce than Ceec or a hunk more good looking than Tobi, will their fans stick with them while these new stars are on the rise? We cannot wait to see how this all turns out.