Ella had a brief breakdown in the house recently when she had a conversation with Isilomo over her journey into music. She opened up on how her father was not much in support of her career and wanted her to get married early instead.

Her mother was however in support and was her rock all through. While speaking about her mother’s support, she broke down in tears and Isilomo had no other choice than to pay a listening hear and be a shoulder to cry on for Ella.

During this conversation, Isilomo was the agony aunt that comforted Ella when she cried about how much she missed her mother these past few days.

While the conversation was ongoing Isilomo saw an opportunity and quickly plugged herself in. In what Isilomo might have considered a vulnerable moment for Ella, she told Ella,  “We need each other to get to the finish line so I would like you not to Nominate me sometime”. Ella response to that was “we can’t form alliances”.