The creative spirit of the housemates was tested today when Biggie gave the housemates a task of threading needles and composing a song.

The Housemates were grouped into two. The ladies on one hand and the gentlemen on the other. The men were given fifteen minutes to jointly compose a song and perform the song while the ladies carried out their Task. The Task for them was to thread all the needles on one length of thread. As they do this, the men sang for them with the intention to either ‘ginger’ them or to distract them.

Eleven plates containing needles were placed on the dining table for the ladies. When the task was completed, the ladies formed a single line based on the result of the Task. The winner was Tacha followed by Khafi standing in next position down to the last person to finish threading their needles. Later on, they were instructed by Biggie to go to the Garden to select a cup and reveal its contents. Tacha though the winner of the Task didn’t get any Coins and we could see the disappointment on her face. Jackye, Thelma, Avala, Mercy and Esther all found Bet9ja Coins and were congratulated by Biggie.