Housemates of the #Bet9jaBBN house were given a task of kindness to one another in different ways. To kick start the process, Housemates were to pick a name card from the magic hat. They were not allowed to peep into the hat. Once that was done, it must not be returned nor be exchanged. With this in mind, each picked a name and kept it close to their chest to await further instructions from Biggie.

After an interval, the magic hat resurfaced in the House and this time, they took turns to pick their ‘act of kindness’ from it. At the sound of the buzzer, the Pepper Dem gang had to act out the role each of them had earlier chosen.

Gedoni started by advising himself on the best way to survive in the House. But for Khafi, singing a soothing lullaby to Elozonam was her kind gesture. The pedicurists like Enkay and Tacha gave Jackye and Venita a lovely treat respectively. Seyi wouldn’t deny enjoying Venita’s smooth touch on his face, call it facial spa treatment. Also, Joe gave Cindy a great spa experience.

For Frodd and Mike, no better act of kindness than making a lady’s hair beautiful; Enkay and Esther had their hair treated by these guys. Since there can be no Ike without Mike, treating a brother to a delicious salad was Ike’s idea of kindness.  Jackye and Esther had to professionally counsel Like and Frodd respectively. Mercy and Sir Dee’s ‘act of kindness’ was a long hug.

While Diane’s task was to act a happy mother lullabying her egg-baby to sleep. Then in the kitchen, Elozonam felt on top of the world treating Khafi to a sumptuous sandwich and a cup of tea.

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