Khafi and Benita had a shouting fight while preparing for a task yesterday. The drama between the two started over who was going to play a major role in an upcoming drama geared towards Seyi’s coronation as the Tor-Tiv.

Venita felt she should be the one because she was an actress for a living and had won awards bases on her acting, Khafi on the other hand felt she had always stepped aside for others in previous drama presentations but wanted this for herself.

During the heated argument, Seyi stepped in to calm things down between them. Venita later apologizing to Khafi that she is sorry for coming between her and Gedoni. Wow who said this was about Gedoni?

Well it seems Venita realized there was an undertone to Khafi’s fight with her. In case you are not in the know Venita had been accused in the past  by Khafi and some other housemates of trying to come between her and Gedoni.

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