Everyone who watches the #Bet9jaBBN show already knows of the situationship between Gedoni, Khafi and Venita. It is clear Khafi loves Gedoni but the intentions of Gedoni seems to be diverted towards Venita who enjoys the attention..

Even though many are not sure if Gedoni is actually having feelings for Venita or just using the ‘Play Boy’ strategy to stay relevant on the show.

What seems to be coming to full glare though is Venita’s manipulative ways. She seems to be playing a game on Gedoni and Khafi thereby bringing her own form of peppery spice to the show.

Yesterday while preparing for the task of the week the two shared intimate friendship moments that made it look like a ship could sail between them at any moment. In a plot twist however, some minutes after the friendship and bonding, Venita called Sir Dee and said, “can you please instruct your friend to relax? I’m tired.” The friend she was referring to was Gedoni’s.

Whether Gedoni knows what she is doing and playing along is not clear, is that Khafi is definitely not finding any of Venita’s shenanigans funny.

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