What would you say if you were told that you can now bet on your favorite football teams 24/7?

It might sound too good to be true but Bet9ja – Nigeria’s best online sports betting site – gives you the opportunity to do so!

Bet9ja League is virtual football game featuring your favorite teams from major leagues! This game is incredibly fast-paced, allowing you to power through an entire season in no time!

Here’s how it works – you bet on real teams with realistic odds. The results of the game, however, are simulated. There are 20 markets to bet on and four Leagues to choose from: La Liga, League Germany, League Italy and the English Premier League

What is virtual soccer and how it works?

Virtual soccer is one of the most popular virtual sports you can bet on. The main difference with a real soccer game is that the teams do not actually receive points for winning or advance in the competition. Players do not get injured, referees do not take controversial decisions or the weather conditions won’t postpone the match.

What it means for punters is that they cannot be guided by such factors. In a real soccer game, a team missing its top goalscorer might lead to the perception that they will score less goals than usual. This does not apply to virtual soccer.

However, being unaffected by real-time events and having a lower amount of possible outcomes, gives a certain advantage to the punters.

So why doesn’t the strongest team always win?

It’s a fair question to ask given that the outside factors are not taken into consideration when betting on virtual soccer events.

The odds are indeed realistic. So does the stronger team have the better chance to win the game? Of course. But do they always win? No, just like in real football. That’s where the element called “random number generator” comes into play.  Essentially, the “randomness factor” is what adds the realistic vibe to a virtual soccer game and allows for variance in how the result is worked out.

How to play Bet9ja League?

So if you’re tired of waiting for the football season to start and are looking for a real money betting experience – Bet9ja League is the game that perfectly suits your needs!

How to play Bet9ja League?

Step 1: Simply log into your account
Step 2: Head to the mobile Menu
Step 3: Press on the Bet9ja League icon from the Quicklinks section
Step 4: Select the League of your choice. The available leagues are:

– English Premier and Premier Turbo Leagues
– Spanish Liga and Liga Turbo
– League Italy and Italy Turbo
– League Germany and Germany Turbo

Once you’ve selected your League, you’ll be given one-and-a-half minutes to cast your predictions. There are ten 10 games and 20 markets available per round. Use the arrow above the team names to navigate through the available markets.

All you have to do now is place your bets and wait for the result. The process is very fast and you will be notified if your bet won in no time!

The best part? You get rewarded for simply betting on Bet9ja League. Every bet you place brings you closer to a bonus and playing more levels up your rank making you able to claim even bigger bonus prizes!

So if you want to bet on your favorite leagues and teams 24/7 in a fast-paced virtual soccer game – join the millions of punters who have already tried Bet9ja League!